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Electronic Warfare, Clarion

EW Europe, 6-8 June 2017, Olympia London


PLATH Intelligence Workshop



Some of the world's leading thinkers and industries will take part in the PLATH GmbH Intelligence Workshop preceding the EW Europe conference on 6 June 2017.


PLATH Intelligence Workshop 2017


The registration for the only international established forum for the intelligence community is open now!

The AOC´s EW Europe is the premium, must-attend event for international experts in the field of Electronic Warfare (EW). In collaboration with the AOC, PLATH will host the 8th Intelligence Workshop, to traditionally provide a high quality conference opener. Take part to touch on topics currently challenging the intelligence community!

With excellent feedback and record visitor numbers in 2016, the 8th Intelligence Workshop will follow this trend providing an exciting variety of discussions and presentations by senior intelligence professionals and experts from the industry. The 8th Intelligence Workshop on 6th June 2017 will focus on following topics:

Intelligence evolution driven by software
■ Extend your baseline by combining tactical systems

As renowned expert in the field of COMINT and EW, PLATH was additionally invited by AOC to support the EW conference on 7th June 2017. Do not miss the chance to follow Dr. Beate Tomio‘s speech on the following topic:

Implementing task-oriented user guidance into radio reconnaissance software

The Intelligence Workshop is free to attend and allows the participants to visit the
exhibition, which will be opened following the 8th Intelligence Workshop at 5pm. Save the dates and register here . To get the latest information about the event, please visit www.plathgroup.com .


TIme  Topic Speaker
1000-1010 Chairman welcome Air Marshal Philip Sturley
1010-1030 Opening keynote  
                   Session 1- Intelligence evolution driven by software  
1030-1100 COMINT for mission critical voice content and metadata - the value ofCoffee break
Constantin Blümel, CEO & Co-Founder, Decodio AG
1100-1130 Information fusion requirements from sensor data to intelligence Bernd-Otto Wolf, Senior Sales Manager, Saab Medav Technologies GmbH
1130-1200 Pre-evaluation and evaluation Alexander Gruchmann, Product Manager Software,PLATH GmbH
Axel Möhring, Sales Manager, innoSysTec GmbH
1200-1300 Lunch  
1300-1315 Fish bowl Air Marshal Philip Sturley
                                  Session 2- ELINT meets COMINT  
1315-1345 User requirements on ELINT  
1345-1415 Next generation of ELINT software, receiver agnostic Stephane Sabatier, Managing Director, Serpikom
1415-1445 Centralised mission tasking for ELINT & COMINT Dr. Andreas Schwolen-Backes, CTO, PLATH GmbH
1445-1500 Coffee break  
1500-1515 Fish bowl      
              Session 3- Extend your baseline by combining tactical systems  
1515-1545  User requirements for dismounted and mounted COMINT in heavy terrain  
1545-1615 Land EW systems for the FOE Mike McCombie, EW Product Manager, Chemring Technology Solutions
1615-1645 Form follows mission: considerations Kai-Michael Lilie, Sales Director, PLATH GmbH
1645-1700 Fish Bowl & Closing Remarks Air Marshal Philip Sturley
1700 EW Europe 2017 Exhibition opening & reception  


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