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Interview with Dan Hermansen

Dan Hermasen, COO, MyDefence Communication ApS

The theme of AOC EW Europe 2018 is 'Innovation and Evolution is Global Electromagnetic Operations' - why are innovation and evolution currently so important in the EM spectrum? 

Efficient and reliable communication between troops is becoming ever more important for tactical and operational coordination. In the past decade we have seen a rapid increase in the use of LSS UAVs as a measure in asymmetric warfare which has led to a whole new generation of innovative ESM and ECM equipment being developed. Constant evolution in EM spectrum surveillance and management is evident for securing own communication while preserving the possibility to identify and counter-hostile LSS UAVs in the battlefield. The next step is to add the EM capabilities to S-UAVs. 


How do you feel the EW community has evolved over the past 12 months?

With focus on the rapid evolving threat from LSS UAVs I have seen the EW community in the past 12 months actually starting to do real development in this field. The traditional EW equipment is bulky, heavy and expensive. The advances we have seen in the EW community for the past 12 months have been focused on spectrum surveillance and jamming. MyDefence has worked with the threat for over 4 years now and our focus is scalability and reducing SWAP-C. We had our first wearable C-UAV equipment on the market in 2016 and are now leading the game in that segment. Our next lead will be in SIGINIT/ECM for S-UAVs.


What do you think are the particular challenges facing EW capabilities in Europe specifically?

Apart from the asymmetric warfare scenarios which constantly challenge the cost of countermeasure, I think that autonomy and swarming are particularly technology challenging as there is no silver bullet today that can be effective without creating collateral damage to own equipment as well.


What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

The delegates can expect to hear the latest and greatest information about our efforts in creating scalable LSS C-UAV solutions that can be efficiently used for dismounted soldiers, vehicles, UAVs and fixed site installations. My particular focus will be on our upcoming products for S-UAVs for both mounted and dismounted operations, which can perform passive RF mapping and spectrum sensing for reconnaissance missions and active jamming during offensive operations.


Why is AOC EW Europe a must-attend event for those working in the EW domain?

My previous attendance at EW Europe was a very positive experience due to the broad technological reach as well as open performance from many other speakers. On top of that, it is just great to meet with your colleagues in this very specialised community. 

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