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Interview with Asif Anwar

Asif Anwar, Executive Director - Strategy Components, Strategy Analytics 

The theme of AOC EW Europe 2018 is ‘Innovation and Evolution in Global Electromagnetic Operations’ – why are innovation and evolution currently so important in the EM spectrum?

Innovation and evolution are needed in the EM space to address multiple challenges that include being able to operate in increasingly contested and congested environments, understanding the complexity of operations and the importance of spectrum management and planning especially within the context of spectrum becoming a sparser resource as commercial spectrum usage  increases and making best use of technology advances to counter both asymmetric and conventional threats by developing intelligent solutions that can operate without having to leverage the traditional threat library as a prerequisite.


How do you feel the EW community has evolved over the past 12 months?

I would say the EW community has started to respond to the requirements of an evolving EM battlespace by taking steps to focus on solutions that can be scaled across missions and platforms based on open architecture principals that move away from siloed processes.


What do you think are the particular challenges facing EW in Europe specifically?

For Europe, the challenge is unfortunately a familiar one; being able to leverage the advantages of scalable, flexible solutions while maintaining national ownership which inevitably ends up requiring individual bespoke efforts that can hinder deployment of capabilities quickly and at pace with neer-pears, in particular the United States as well as China and Russia.


What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

Strategy Analytics presentation will discuss the key metrics for global defense spending, and how the increasing complexity that comes with operating in an increasingly spectrally constrained environment will dictate the architectural make-up of future military systems. In particular, delegates will be presented with an outlook for EW spending and understanding of the associated technology trends and component demand that will underpin future EW systems.


Why is AOC EW Europe a must-attend event for those working in the EW domain?

Central to the attractiveness of EW Europe is the broader overview that participants are exposed to as a result of multiple viewpoints rendered from military, industry and research organisations that are gathered from an international pool of expertise and experience.

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