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Interview with Colonel Charles Cosnowski

Colonel Charles Cosnowski, Director, Joint Electronic Warfare Center, USSTRATCOM

The theme of AOC EW Europe 2018 is 'Innovation and Evolution in Global Electromagnetic Operations' - why are innovation and evolution currently so important in the EM Spectrum?

Innovation and evolution have always been important in the EMS, but even more so today as our adversaries realise that the speed and effectiveness of our operations is heavily reliant on having nearly full access to the EMS. Our reliance on the EMS is seen as a vulnerability and requires us to stay one step ahead of our enemies which can only be achieved through the use of innovative technologies and continual evolution of our doctrine.


How do you feel the EW community has evolved over the past 12 months?

The EW community has made some headway over the last 12 months with getting others (non-EW community) to understand that the EMS is not a utility that will automatically be available during the next conflict but rather a manoeuvre space that will have to be fought for (and sometimes through) in order to achieve our objectives.


What do you think are the particular challenges facing EW capabilities in Europe specifically?

One of the biggest challenges in Europe parallels the same challenges faced in the United States and that is training like we fight. Due to increasing commercial participation in the EMS, it is quite difficult to train our militaries in the same congested and contested environment that can be expected against a near-peer competitor. Not only are we experiencing increasing difficulty in representing these environments, but we are also unable to employ the EW equipment that we possess either due to domestic constraints or potential compromise considerations leading live, virtual and constructive (LVC) environments as the leading option. 


What can delegates expect to take away from you session?

Delegates attending my session can expect to take away a better understanding of the emerging United States Joint concept/ doctrine of Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO) and that to effectively operate within the EMS requires the merging of traditional spectrum management (J6) functions with traditional EW (J3) functions, supported by dedicated, real-time intelligence information (J2) and all integrated within a cognitive, adaptive, man-on-the-loop Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) system.


Why is AOC EW Europe a must-attend event for those working in the EM domain?

AOC EW 2018 is a must-attend event for those working in the EM domain because the best way to overcome the issues that we are facing in the increasingly congested and contested EMS is through collaboration and information sharing. Representatives from each country, including the US, should realise that their future fights will not only be fought jointly but also with a coalition. In order to overcome the current challenges in the EMS, we will be required to design systems and follow doctrine that work seamlessly together. 

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