EW 2019

Interview with Prof Amit Mehta


The theme of AOC EW Europe 2018 is ‘Innovation and Evolution in Global Electromagnetic Operations’ – why are innovation and evolution currently so important in the EM spectrum?

Adversaries capability to evade and jam friendly forces is rapidly increasing in terms of range and power. This means bracing more for possible interruptions and possible communications outage in key EM contested environments. To overcome that intelligent innovation and agile evolution is the way forward.


How do you feel the EW community has evolved over the past 12 months?

Gradually the concept of agility and adaptability is filtering in the applied space. During my talk I will be touching on few of the related examples.


What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

What is the innovative underpinning technology to realize self-deciding adaptive communications and detection systems? What could be more protected and what could be more effective, with examples. What is the importance of sensor and smart city technology for military networks? When can we expect new devices and systems to roll out?


Why is AOC EW Europe a must-attend event for those working in the EW domain?

More than ever before Europe now faces stiff test in terms of keeping communications and associated assets tamper and attack proof. To do this one has to quickly access new and innovative technology, and simultaneously needs to explore new evolving EW options for rapid deployment. This event is an excellent platform where range of such new solutions could be accessed or jointly developed for a rapid filed deployment.       

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Electronic Warfare Europe 2019
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Mon 13 May - 09:00 - 17:30
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