Format changes


In response to COVID-19, we have made changes to the format of EW Europe 2020 to accommodate enhanced safety precautions.

This includes a range of measures outlined in the ALL SECURE STANDARD framework, as well as practical changes to the delivery of conference sessions and networking events.

All attendees are requested to co-operate with our new guidelines. This is essential to run the event in a safe environment and ensure the wellbeing of all participants.

Show/Venue Protocols >>

View or download our protocol guidelines in full

What is changing?

Show protocols

In line with physical distancing guidelines in the United Kingdom, we will make every effort to minimise close contact between attendees. With this in mind, a number of new regulations have been introduced. These include:

  • Low crowd density
  • Wider exhibition aisles
  • Distanced seating in exhibition and conference areas
  • Distanced queuing markers
  • Mandatory face coverings in exhibition and conference areas
  • No handshakes
  • Hand sanitiser stations
  • Contactless entry
  • Contact tracing


We thank you for your understanding and support in making the event safe. To learn more about our enhanced safety measures, please take a look at our 'All Secure Framework'.

Venue protocols

We are working in conjunction with Exhibition Centre Liverpool to introduce a range of precautionary measures to enhance visitor safety. These include:

  • Sole use of the venue during opening hours
  • Pre-event deep-cleaning
  • High cleaning frequency during show times
  • High waste removal frequency
  • Ventilation and air purification
  • Protective screens
  • Mandatory face coverings upon entry to venue
  • Hand sanitiser stations in common areas
  • Strict catering hygiene regulations


We thank you for your understanding and support in making the event safe. You can learn more about what Exhibition Centre Liverpool will be doing to make the event safe here.

Conference format

We have streamlined our conference programme into one expanded theatre, incorporating physical distancing in line with the latest guidelines. All speakers who cannot be accommodated in the condensed programme will be invited to present at the 2021 edition of EW Europe. A full, updated conference agenda will be available shortly.

We understand the difficulties in forward-planning this year, so have extended our early bird pricing deadline until 2 October. We hope this will provide greater flexibility for paid delegates, who now have more time to purchase a ticket at the lowest price. 

Pricing Information

Seat reservations

It is not possible to book a seat in advance for individual conference sessions. Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis so we advise arriving early. A queuing system will be in operation once theatre capacity is reached.

Audio and presentation streaming

If theatre capacity is reached on individual sessions, delegates will have the option to stream the presentation slides and speaker audio to their own personal device from elsewhere in the venue. This option is also available for conference delegates who would prefer not to sit in the theatre.

Details of how to access the audio stream will be printed on your delegate badge. Please bring headphones and consider a portable charging device.

Meet the speaker

Many conference speakers will be available for individual questions after their session in the 'Meet the Speaker' area. Slots are not available to book but a timetable will be published in advance. Please be mindful of time and keep discussions brief if there is a queue behind you. 

Additional information

Further guidance about networking events and the PLATH Intelligence Workshop will be published in due course. Attendees are able to reserve tickets for these additional events during registration.

Exhibitor Guidance

Planning your participation at an event post Covid-19 doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We have published a concise summary of all the things you will need to think about as an exhibitor, with some helpful tips and solutions to make your experience easier. While some of the enhanced precautions will involve a significant change from previous events, there are many other small steps you can take which will make a big difference.

Download our guidance checklists below:

Part I: Stand Design

Download PDF >>

Part II: Stand Activity

Download PDF >>

Part III: Stand Hygiene

Download PDF >>

Ongoing Support

We are continuing to closely monitor the international travel situation, and will ensure that we provide a regular update on travel arrangements to and from the United Kingdom as the event approaches. We also ask participants to keep abreast of their individual country's advisories and guidelines. 

We know how important it is for you to generate new business and meet with your existing customers, so we are committed to delivering an event that meets those needs, in the best possible format, while maintaining the health and safety requirements outlined above.

We are working hard to bring you together in November, and will update you on a regular basis with any developments. If you have any queries or concerns you would like to discuss, please contact event director Tracy Bebbington