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12 Feb 2019

Detecting and Classifying Signals with IZT Signal Suite - Innovative Radio Monitoring and Intelligence Solutions

IZT-Labs Stand: C7
IZT R3410 RF Recorder setup showing modulation recognition results


IZT Modulation Recognition (ModRec) is an innovative software
feature of IZT Signal Suite for signal analysis. This new IZT Signal Suite option recognizes various modulation schemes and can be easily upgraded with future technologies. The processing time overhead of the IZT Signal Suite option will maintain its real-time operating objectives with the increased number of supported modulation schemes.


Signal segmentation with IZT Signal Suite, which means dividing the
broadband spectrum up into individual signals, can be done either
manually by the user or automatically by the software. The IZT Signal
Suite modulation recognition function is useful in a number of
communications satellite monitoring (CSM) applications such as
automated monitoring of satellite transponders, verifying the correct
usage of terrestrial bands, characterizing the RF environment, and
identifying unauthorized signals in certain frequency bands.
In radio monitoring and intelligence there is a demand for sophisticated signal analysis techniques in order to detect, classify or demodulate radio signals. To achieve this goal, IZT ModRec provides powerful signal analysis for detecting and classifying known and unknown signals. The software perfectly interacts with IZT digital wideband receivers IZT R4000, IZT R4010, IZT R3301 and the whole IZT R3000 receiver family.


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